Modern House Design Trends for 2021

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Off the back of all that happened in 2020, how we each design our lives and our homes will change. Once the dread of ‘lockdowns’ eventually became boredom, many people found frustration at how unlivable their home design actually is, especially when that’s the only place one can go. So, what does a modern house design look like in 2021?

While all modern home builders are unique, there are specific design trends that we fully expect to see in this and the coming years; many are a part of projects that we are currently building. These home design trends for 2021 speak to the practical nature of home, as well as addressing something much deeper in the collective mind.

Antimicrobial surfaces, including copper and its alloys

Brass has long been used for door handles in doctors surgeries, schools and hospitals due to its resilience and antimicrobial properties. While the fixtures still require regular cleaning to remain effective and reduce corrosion, the material’s old-world charm has been updated for the modern home. Copper and its alloys have demonstrated a die-off capability on various funguses, making it an ideal surface for bathrooms and kitchens.

The colours of interior design for 2021

Looking to the most awarded interior designers, the colour forecast for 2021 focuses on natural rich palettes. We’ll see more authentic natural colours, including stone, sand, beige tints, soft greens and warm browns, as well as dark-toned woods.

Interiors in the coming year will be about textural variations — soft furnishings such as velvet cushions, rugs and bedding. And bricks are back! We’re not talking breezeblocks or boring basics; but exposed brick used deliberately for interiors and exteriors is again in vogue, as are statement tile designs.

Modern house design: the return of nature

We’ve now all had the experience of feeling ‘trapped’ inside, with even the most adamant homebody yearning for some Vitamin D from the sun in winter 2020. Homeowners in 2021 will be wanting to bring the outside in, with internal courtyards, filtered light, plantlife and biophilic designs. That affinity for nature extends to bio-designs; furniture made from living materials, going beyond environmental into long-term sustainable building materials that can be repurposed or recycled at the end of their life.

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