About Compass Homes

The Compass Homes journey.. it's about Creating....

Creating affordable homes ... for a better more reliable building experience

The Compass Homes team have over 45 years of building industry experience and expertise, and we add that passion, dedication and skill into each and every one of our building projects! With successful branches in Rodney, Auckland South, Franklin, Western BOP and Christchurch, and with other areas being developed rapidly, Compass Homes is very much in growth mode – so why not join us on our journey?


There are many reasons why Compass Homes will offer you a better, more reliable building experience, from the orientation of your home through to the experienced advice and value-added construction methods: Compass Homes will ensure your home is everything you expected – and more.


We are, and always have been, New Zealand owned and operated. All of our designs, from house plans through to colour schemes, have been developed by Compass Homes in conjunction with our designers and customers. We employ only the most creative and qualified designers and builders in New Zealand, to ensure that your new home is absolutely perfect inside and out.



Creating communication ... delivering a high level of customer satisfaction

In conjunction with local software developers, Compass Homes has developed a cloud based system for project management and customer reporting. Our software enables our customers to easily and accurately monitor the progress of the building of their new home – as it’s happening. This cutting edge technology offers timetable information and photos of your build project that are automatically emailed to you as building progress continues.
You will be able to access all of your build project information online at any time. This gives you the freedom to immediately check on updates at your convenience, where and when it suits you most.
You will also receive update notifications and emails detailing progress of your building project and if any issues arise onsite, you will be notified immediately. Our project management software also liaises with Compass Homes subcontractors and suppliers to allow seamless integration with your building site managers. This results in a faster and more efficient build process, and an entirely transparent building process.
Our customers should never have to ring us for an update on their building project.



Creating warmer homes ... using the sun

Here at Compass Homes, we ensure all of our homes are orientated to take full advantage of the natural sunlight throughout the day, giving our clients warmer, drier, more comfortable homes. A home that is properly placed to make the most of daylight hours will be brighter and warmer than a carelessly placed home. We also carefully consider your section, making best use of your outdoor space and ensuring that there is ample room for full enjoyment of our New Zealand summers.



Creating stronger, durable, more secure homes ... building in solid concrete

Over the last 15 years Compass Homes has built a large number of homes using traditional timber framing and brick and tile construction methods. We continue to build many houses using these methods and materials.

Being at the forefront of innovation in the building industry has led Compass Homes to working with materials such as concrete and perfecting the technique for building homes in solid concrete. Building in solid concrete sets Compass Homes apart from our competitors. No other group home builder in New Zealand can build in solid concrete and deliver all the benefits that building in solid concrete offers.


While building in concrete may be a relatively new concept in New Zealand, it is the dominant form of building technology in many parts of the world and has a large market acceptance in the global housing industry – for the very simple reason that it is more durable, more reliable, and more affordable. In many parts of the US, Europe and Asia, concrete has been the main form of construction for over 30 years.


Learn more about building your new home in concrete.



Creating well designed homes ... delivering value engineering

We pride ourselves on streamlining the building process to keep your overall costs down, a process we call ‘Value Engineering’. Our focus is on building homes for a lower price while maintaining the highest quality. We carefully consider what our clients want, using our experience and skill to ensure the final product is as efficient as possible, without compromising design!


One of our fundamental beliefs is that your new home must meet and exceed your expectations, in every way possible.



Creating quality homes ... we’re registered Master Builders
and Licensed Building Practitioners

To give you peace of mind both during and after your build, Compass Homes offers a Master Builders Guarantee. When Compass Homes builds your new home, you can be sure that we will produce a final product that will truly stand the test of time.


To become a Registered Master Builder, a company must go through a comprehensive process to ensure that they not only comply with the building standards, but also have the qualified expertise and construction systems in place to produce a building of consistently exceptional quality. This process not only ensures that the builder is qualified and experienced, but that a high level of business management process is adhered to.


The assessment process is ongoing and building projects and business systems are randomly inspected to ensure that all Master Builders uphold the standards required at all times.


As a member of the Master Builders Association, Compass Homes provide a 10-year Master Builders Guarantee. This guarantee provides total security and peace of mind for our clients, and reinforces our commitment to superior home building.


Learn more about the Master Builders Association



Compass Homes are also Licensed Building Practitioners.


From 1 March 2012 critical building work that is known as Restricted Building Work, must be done by an LBP (Licensed Building Practitioner). Compass Homes are LBP members.

The scheme is competency based. Competent designers, builders and tradespeople with a good track record can have their skills and knowledge formally recognised, whether they are trade-qualified or not. However, the emphasis on education and training will increase. 

A Registrar appointed by the Department of Housing decides on licensing applications (based on assessors’ recommendations), and administers the LBP online public register of practitioners. LBPs are listed on the online public register, along with details of their licenses.

The LBP logo confirms for consumers that the building practitioners they are engaging have been assessed as technically competent in their licensed field.


Learn more about Licensed Building Practitioners