Building Guarantees

Why choose a Master Build guarantee   


By law, all new homes in New Zealand are required to have a proven guarantee. Compass Homes, as a Registered Master Builder, offers a 10-year Master Build Guarantee on all their homes.


We strongly recommend that you take advantage of the Master Build guarantee, as it offers you protection in situations which may be out of your control.


As part of our standard build contract we will offer you a 10-year Master Build guarantee; however, for this to be activated, you will need to complete the documentation that is included with your build contract from Compass Homes.


Click here to go to the Master Builders website and learn more about the Master Builders 10 year guarantee.

With a Master Builders guarantee, you are covered for:



  • Non completion - Up to 10% of the contract price to a maximum of $40,000


  • Loss of deposit - Up to 10% of the contract price to a maximum of $20,000

+ Plus

  • Materials*, workmanship and structural cover from handover for two years.

+ Plus

  • Limited structural cover for up to an additional five years (giving a maximum of seven years from handover).

  • The maximum total pay out for all cover is $100,000 (includes GST)


See more information here from our FAQ section about guarantees and insurance