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Getting started with Compass

Compass Homes spends a great deal of time with our clients in order to better understand their needs and wants, and just as important, their expectations. The way that Compass Homes meets and exceeds these expectations is key to our unique customer service philosophy. What may seem important to us may not be important to you – this is why we take the time to fully discuss every aspect of your new home build.


We’ve talked to individuals and couples of all ages – including people that built with Compass and many that didn’t.


Through our research, we have discovered that it is vital to understand the needs of our clients, from what attributes they want in a home – such as taps and white ware – right through to what stage of life they’re in, and how that reflects on their property and home requirements. A large outdoor living environment may be important to people with young children, but not for retired couples, and certainly not for young professional couples who spend a minimal time at their property.



We know that building can be stressful. We’re here to take your stress away.


We found that many people didn’t know which questions to ask and were sometimes embarrassed to ask questions. Many people felt that there was an information overload – that there was just too much to know about everything!


This is why we have developed a simple, no-stress system to better understand your needs and to accommodate these needs in a way that you understand and don’t feel overwhelmed.

Building a home – especially a Compass Home, is an exciting and rewarding journey.


Integral parts of the Compass system include:

  • Ensuring that customers are included in the design process but not bogged down in the details.

  • Ensuring that both parties – customers and Compass Homes, have a very clear understanding of the expectations that each party holds, what this means (not what we think it means), when it will be delivered and how it will be delivered.

  • Producing a comprehensive list of what will be delivered in a home; going over this list and altering it as many times as required at the concept stage to ensure that Compass Homes clients have a very clear understanding of what will be delivered and when.

  • Ensuring that customers are aware of the legal aspect of building and that they have an understanding of their, and our, obligations. This is documented in a fair building contract.

  • Ensuring that our customers are kept up to date with the building process by utilising our online project management system to proactively report to our customers on the progress and any issues with the building process. Our customers should never have to call us and ask what's happening.



Building doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With Compass Homes, it isn’t!


Thousands of people have built homes the past in all parts of New Zealand and thousands of people are doing it right now – many of them with Compass Homes. We understand that the physical part of building a home is only a small part of the picture and our approach reflects this.


So, put your home build in our capable hands and relax!


Contact our team today and get started.