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the Compass Building Process

Step 1 - Identify your needs

  • What do you want in a home? Identify what you need and want for you and your family

  • Talk to our experienced consultants. They have a great deal of experience of what will work within your budget.

  • Find your section. Have a look at the Compass Homes brochure on buying a section.

Step 2 - Choose your plan

  • Choose a standard plan from over 70 available. Customise it to your needs and wants

Step 3 - Fix your finance

  • Arrange your finance through your bank or New Build construction finance. In some cases, New Build can provide finance with a 5% deposit.

Step 4 – Agree on the plans and specifications and sign your contract

  • Specifications are defined so that you know exactly what will be delivered

  • The Building Contract is signed so that both you and Compass Homes are clear on what is to be delivered and when.

Step 5 – Apply for Consent

  • Compass Homes will apply for building consent. We will manage your building consent process from start to finish, so you can relax knowing the technical details are being taken care of by our expert knowledge and experience

Step 6 – Finalise
your Vision

  • At this point we finalise interior design features colour schemes and kitchen design.

Step 7 – Build your
New Home

  • It’s time to build! Our experienced Project Managers take over at this point and manage the build process.


Step 8 – Your New Home Awaits

  • At this stage, everything is completed. We conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that Compass Homes has delivered the highest possible standard of workmanship.

Congratulations, it’s time to move in and celebrate.

Step 9 - Continuing the Journey

  • Our relationship with you won’t end here! We honour our 12-month maintenance period if anything causes an issue, we remedy it for peace of mind as quickly as possible. In addition, you have the 10 year Master Builders Guarantee.

Like every successful company, Compass Homes has developed a simple, yet effective system, that delivers consistently to our customers.