Compass Homes - Building in Concrete

Why build in concrete ..


Compass Homes has been building brick and tile / timber framed homes for many happy customers for over 15 years. We do this very well and continue to build in these traditional materials. In addition to building in brick and tile, Compass Homes is the only group home builder in New Zealand to now be able to offer you the option of building in solid concrete.

Stronger.. More durable.. More cost effective.. Build in solid concrete!


When you build in concrete, you are creating a more secure, a safer and a healthier home for you and your family. Building in concrete is a significant step to building better homes in New Zealand, and Compass Homes is positioned at the forefront of this advance in building technology.


Concrete is naturally soundproof, fireproof, naturally waterproof, it won’t support the growth of mould, mildew or harmful microorganisms, and is highly airtight. Studies have shown that concrete homes have the highest earthquake, flood and fire resistance, and have an extremely high thermal efficiency.


The Future is Concrete…

You can take advantage of this proven progression in technology and build a more secure, safer and healthy home for you and your family in solid concrete. 


The leaky building saga and Christchurch earthquake, as well as numerous floods have taught us that the Future is Concrete. Changes in the building code and building qualifications requirements have been part of this change in priority. Building in Solid Concrete is a significant step to building better homes in New Zealand. Compass Homes is exclusively positioned at the forefront of this advance in customer demand and building technology.


Concrete has been used in construction for over 5000 years. It is the most-used man-made material in the world, with nearly three tons used annually for each man, woman and child. Twice as much concrete is used around the world than the total of all other building materials, including wood, steel, plastic and aluminium. None of these other materials can replace concrete in terms of effectiveness, price and performance.


In New Zealand concrete is used to build our schools, hospitals, tunnels, bridges, apartment blocks, sewerage systems, dams, footpaths, runways, roads and more. Our communities are literally built on concrete.


As the leaders in this technology, Compass Homes is using concrete to build more cost-effective, durable, energy efficient, safer and healthier homes, than any other common building construction method in New Zealand today. Like many people, the investment you make in your home will be your largest. Using a construction technique that ensures the longevity of your investment presents the best choice by far.


With a Compass Home, you will not only save on routine maintenance and ongoing costs such as heating, but ultimately benefit from a higher re-sale price due to the superior weather and fire resistant properties of concrete.

9 compelling reasons why Concrete is a superior building product....

Concrete homes are healthier homes. Concrete walls contain no organic material, so they won’t support the growth of mould, mildew and other potentially harmful microorganisms.


Concrete is naturally fire resistant and waterproof, and doesn’t require any special sealers or coatings. It’s impermeable to water and air making your concrete Compass Home almost perfectly airtight. This reduces the possibility of drafts causing inefficient heating and issues such as leaks.


A comparative house built of wood contains many dangerous chemicals such as copper, chromium, arsenic and solvents. Read more about chemicals currently used in the treatment of wood in New Zealand. Compass Homes can build your home so that it is healthier than most other homes in New Zealand, simply by using concrete.



Concrete is the product of choice when it comes to building a stronger, safer and more secure home for you and your family.

No other building material comes close to concrete for a healthy, energy efficient, safe, peaceful and low maintenance home.


The Cement and Concrete Association of New Zealand (CCANZ) has put together a some informative information about the various ways concrete is used in construction in New Zealand. Click here to download a copy of the Coming Home to Concrete brochure produced by CCANZ.


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