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A hybrid home is a marriage between a house constructed of concrete and one constructed of timber. A hybrid home has exterior concrete walls and internal walls constructed from traditional timber framing lined with gib board. The floor is typically a concrete cast floor.


Utilising this design means that you can have the advantages of both building materials. One of the main advantages of a concrete house is the use of its thermal mass to heat and cool the home. With concrete exterior walls, your home will have many of the thermal qualities that a fully concrete home possesses.


You can also take advantage of the other qualities that concrete has to offer including lower maintenance, security and water tightness, while also having the construction advantages of timber internal walls and the flexibility in design that this offers.


Standard timber walls are used to construct the internal walls. Gib board is used to line the internal walls and these are plastered and painted. Internal services such as power and water are also run through the walls in a conventional way.


The largest benefit in utilising a Hybrid design is the cost savings compared to a home fully constructed of concrete.