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Partnership opportunities

With a reputation as being one of the most innovative building companies in New Zealand, Compass Homes is expanding nationally.


Our aim is to provide the best service to our customers and partners while operating with integrity in all aspects of the business.


We have a lot of fun as well!


We are only as good as our people. We have very good people. We select prospective partners carefully.


Are you an entrepreneurial individual who wants to work in a dynamic industry at the cutting edge of technology and who recognises the importance of a good brand and a quality product? Do you have the drive to build a strong business focused on delivering the highest level of customer service?


A Compass Homes partnership could be the right direction for you.


Why consider a partnership with Compass Homes?

Compass Homes has 4 significant differences from any other Building Company that make partnering with us the obvious choice. We call these differences "The Game Changers". These are four advantages that, by themselves, represent a significant competitive advantage over other building companies, but when combined, represent a fundamental shift in the building industry.


The benefits of The Game Changers are available to you when partnering with Compass Homes.


The Game Changers

The option to build in concrete or wood

We have the flexibility to build in solid concrete, or traditional wood. No other national building company offers this.

Joint Venture Structure

We offer a unique Joint Venture relationship providing a substantially higher profit share to our partners.

Excellent support

We provide the centralisation of all core building support services. We supply all the accounting, quantity surveying and drafting services. These services are provided at a cost well below our competitors because of the economies of scale. Best of all, our support lets you concentrate on sales, delivering outstanding customer service and building quality houses.


We will fund your Showhome. This eliminates a substantial hurdle that many prospective partners find too difficult to overcome.



If you like what you hear and can see yourself being successful with a JV opportunity, then contact Garry Shuttleworth here or call Garry on 021579140