Building with Timber


Compass Homes has been building in traditional materials since 2002. Pine framed houses, with New Zealand’s characteristic 4x2 frames, has formed the backbone of the construction industry for the last 50 years.


New Zealand has a thriving forestry industry that is well positioned to supply the timber required to drive the construction industry in using timber.


New Zealander has led the world and has developed skills and methods for constructing houses in brick and tile second to none. Builders, designers and local councils have built up years of experience in the use of timber and it is accepted as the defacto standard in construction methodology.


Compass Homes has built a solid reputation on delivering houses using Timber, Brick and Tile to a very high standard.


Timber construction usually takes one of three forms: - solid timber, post and beam and timber framing. Timber can be utilised in all weathers, however it needs to be treated to become impervious to water and to stop rot and decay. This process is typically called tanalysing.


Timber is relatively lightweight and therefore suitable for construction sites that present challenges with sloping land or accessibility.