Why Build with Compass Homes

Why Compass Homes


Customer Service

We form close relationships with our clients. We want to understand what they want and how they see the world. We understand that in the end, we can be the best home builder on the planet, but if we don’t deliver a quality product and leave our clients feeling good about the process then we haven’t got a business. 


The two pillars that we operate by are communication and expectation. As long as these two principals are met then everything else will work out. That’s life. 


We will ensure that the planning process goes as smooth as possible and that the result of the planning process will become your dream home and meet your budget. 


We may ask you to visit the building site during the construction phase. We will always keep you informed of progress through our online building management system throughout the building process. 


We are not afraid to learn how to build an even better business. If there is any reason whatsoever that we don’t meet your expectations we want to hear about it. To be honest, we don’t get these calls very often, but when we do it gives us the best opportunity to improve our systems and our business.



Product Performance

A home is only as good as the parts that go to making it. Compass Homes has invested a great deal of time and energy in identifying and using the best quality construction materials and methods that are available. We only use products from reputable suppliers that have a consistently good track record in the industry.



Design Performance

Compass Homes ensures that all homes are designed and engineered to the highest possible standards. We ensure that structural integrity of all Compass Homes is inherent in the design of the home and the build process used to construct the home



Build Perfomance

Each Compass Homes branch is a Member of the Master Builders of New Zealand. We ensure that each subcontractor that works on the construction of your home is highly experienced and has an exceptional reputation, earned over a along time. We also ensure that they are fully insured, and that they follow our comprehensive Health and Safety protocols.



Guarantees and Insurance

In addition to the 10 year Master Builders Guaranty and the 12 month maintenance period, each Compass Homes branch carries extensive public liability insurance to protect against any unlikely event that would affect our clients.



Full Accountability

Compass Homes is run as a Joint Venture (not a franchise) between the national owners of Compass Homes and the local branch owner. This means that the owners of the national Compass Homes business have a personal interest in each Compass Homes branch. One of the members of the national management team is a director of the branch along with the branch owner.


A franchise is an “all care but no responsibility” affair. A franchise can go into liquidation without affecting the national owners. Clients are left high and dry. Losses and liabilities are effectively “ring fenced”. Great for the franchisor – disastrous for the clients and creditors.


In contrast, Compass Homes has an “all care and all responsibility” structure. The national owners of Compass Homes have a personal liability and responsibility in each branch.