Your Journey with Compass Homes

The Compass Homes Journey

With successful branches in Rodney, Auckland South, Franklin and Christchurch with other areas being developed rapidly, Compass Homes is very much in growth mode. The Owners behind Compass Homes have over 45 years of building industry experience and expertise between them and are the driving force behind the Company.


Compass Homes is named in reference to the direction bearing properties of a compass. Our homes are designed and orientated to take full advantage of the natural sunlight throughout the day.


A home that is properly placed to make the most of daylight hours will be brighter and warmer than a carelessly placed home. Compass Homes also carefully considers the section to best utilise your outdoor space, ensuring that there is ample room for outdoor living so you can make the most of the New Zealand summers.



Engineering Affordable Homes

Compass Homes prides itself on streamlining the building process to keep the overall cost down, a process we call “Value Engineering”. Our focus is on building homes for a lower price while maintaining the highest quality.

We carefully consider what our clients want and use our experience and skilled staff to make suggestions to ensure the final product is built to be as efficient as possible, without compromising design.



Compass Homes is a member of the Registered Master Builders Association

One of our fundamental beliefs is that your new home must meet and exceed your expectations.

To give you peace of mind throughout, and after, your home is built, Compass Homes offers a Master Builders Guarantee. When Compass Homes builds your new home you want to be assured that we are committed to producing a final product, exactly as you asked, that will stand the test of time.



To become a Registered Master Builder

A company must go through a comprehensive process to ensure that they not only comply with the building standards, but also have the professionally qualified expertise and business and construction systems in place to produce a consistent product of a very high quality. This process not only ensures that the builder is qualified and experienced, but that there is a high level of business management process that is adhered too.


The assessment process is ongoing and building projects and business systems are randomly inspected to ensure that all Master Builders uphold the standards required at all times.


As a member of the Master Builders Association, Compass Homes is are required to provide the 10 year Master Builders Guarantee. Clients can opt out of this guarantee if they choose, however Compass Homes highly recommends that all clients take advantage of the guarantee and the security and peace of mind it provides.



The Master Builders New Homes or Alterations & Additions Guarantee is only offered by a Registered Master Builder.

The Master Builders Guaranty protects against loss of deposit, non-completion, defective workmanship, rot and structural defects and builders that are unwilling or unable to put things right.


As part of the process that Compass Homes has, you will fill out a Guarantee Application Form and Arbitration Agreement. Compass Homes will send this to Master Builders and you will receive a Letter of Acceptance from Master Builders confirming that the Guarantee is in place.


More information about the Master Builders Association can be found here



Compass Homes contracts and employs Licensed Building Practitioners

From March 1st 2012 changes to the Building Act 2004 mean that building work of homes affecting the structure or water envelope (as when building new homes), will be classified as Restricted Building Work and is required to be carried out by competent, appropriately licensed building practitioners.


Like all Licensed Building Practitioners, we are specialists who have been assessed to be competent to carry out work essential to a residential building’s structure or weather tightness.


All Compass Homes branches contract and employ Licensed Building Practitioners and operate within the requirements of the Building Act 2004.


If you require any further information about licensing then click here to go to the Licensed Building Practitioners website.